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The Wakeup Show: Hosted By Reggie Rogers

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Listen Monday - Friday to the World Famous Power Jamz National Syndicated Morning Show hosted by Reggie Rogers along with the “BREAK-FAST-CLUB’S” Motha Maybelline Johnson, Pastor Theodore Peaz and Jose for the very best in Christian Contemporary, Black Gospel and Gospel Hip Hop Music.


Reggie Rogers, (aka G-Rhymez) born in San Francisco CA, and raised in Southern California (Oxnard) has paid dues and dished out his fair share of bad news. G-Rhymez, short for Reggie Rhymez, has spent hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars glorifying Satan and his workers of iniquity. G-Rhymez has shared the stage with Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Yo Yo, The Alcoholic's, The LA Dream Team, SWV and many others.

It was back in 1981 when Reggie was mesmerized by local radio personality Howard Thomas (HT the body rocker).
Reggie would hide his headphones under his pillow at night, just to hear a portion of Howard Thomas radio program heard on KGAB FM 96.5 FM. It was also back in 1981 when Reggie was first introduced to rap music. Reggie memorized the lyrics to Sugar Hill Gangs Rappers Delight in one night. The seed was planted, but it would take years for that seed to become a profession.
Due to Reggie's criminal behavior, in the winter of 1982 Reggie's mother decided it was very necessary to move him to his father’s home in Homestead Fla. The drive from Oxnard CA, to Homestead FL, provided a great escape outlet into the world of radio and the music entertainment. With the drive taking a total of 3 days, Reggie was able to listen to various radio stations and the songs that became the soundtrack to Reggie's young adult life.

In Homestead FL, Reggie began to hang out with the area MC's, and Dj's who were transplants from NY. Reggie's West Coast Pop-Lock performances provided a new vibe to the already hot Miami music scene. Reggie could hardly believe what he was hearing, and how a story could be told over a break beat provided by the street Dj.
Before long, Reggie began writing his on stories. Most of the songs glorified himself, and the negative life style Reggie lived back in Oxnard CA. In the summer of 1983 The Rogers family moved again. This time it would be an even more of a culture shook, as Bryan College Station TX would be home for the next 8 years. During that time Reggie's criminal behavior had simmered down a bit.
His desire to be on the radio was much more stronger than the desire to get into mischief.

Reggie began rapping in public, which lead to various performances in local talent shows. It was at a LA Dream concert that Reggie would meet the owner of KHRN 94.3 FM. Following Reggie's performance, along with his MC, introduction of the LA Dream team. Reggie introduced himself to the owner and general manager of KHRN, and on March 23, 1985, Reggie became a radio personality on KHRN 94.3 FM. Reggie was hired to do the night shift, from 7:00pm until midnight. Reggie remained there until 1991. After accomplishing the highest rated drive time radio program in the market. Reggie decided to move back to Oxnard CA were he excepted a night time drive position on local radio station Q-105 FM. Reggie was none as Da G-Man, and quickly became a local favorite. Da G-Man went on to open up for groups like SHI, SWV, Ice Cube, and many other. After a year 1/2 at Q-105, Reggie set his site on the second biggest radio market on the planet (LA). In the winter of 1993, Reggie began broadcasting on KGGI 99.1 Riverside CA. Reggie began broadcasting on the weekends, while his weekdays were filled with drama. Reggie had begun to slip back into some of his old negative ways. He found himself in jail one night, and the prayers of his grandmother reached the thrown room of God, along with his grandmother posting bail. Reggie was released from jail and as a way of saying thanks. Reggie answered the invitation to attend church services that Sunday morning. Reggie attended St Paul Missionary Baptist Church, and the rest is history. Reggie accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior, resigned from KGGI 99.1 FM, and took a job as a security guard at a local retail store. It was a humbling experience to go from the towns favorite DJ, to a polyester wearing, funny hat looking security guard. With prayer, and fasting Reggie received a Vision from God. Reggie was inspired to produce a radio program that would glorify the Lord, and still be funky. Not your typical church choir sounding radio programs, but a program that would include rap music, humor, and high energy. After perfecting a demo of the radio show, Reggie decided to present it to the general manager for KDAR 98.3 FM. Reggie was informed by the general manager that his program would not work on his station. The GM claimed that the station was too conservative for such a program. Months later, Reggie received a call from the new GM (Terri Dawson) of that same station. The new GM had heard the demo, and invited Reggie to the station for an interview. Reggie was provided with two hours of broadcast time for the radio show he titled Midnight Psalms. Reggie began broadcasting from the hours of 12:00-midnight until 2:00am Sunday morning. This continued for about 6 month's, and that's when Reggie was offered a better time slot of 10:00pm until 12:00 midnight. With that came the renaming of Midnight Psalms to Power Jamz the Wake Up Show, with Reggie Rogers

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